What Sets Me Apart

Dedicated to practical, engaged, start-with-you solutions for you and your organization’s journey.

What sets me apart?

  1. Listening
  2. You First.  While I bring my vision, understanding, and direction to the table, I am interested in and begin with what you are hoping to accomplish, with your organizational ethos, and with your vision.
  3. A Cross-Discipline approach.  My approach pulls from psychology, neuroscience, religion, spirituality, meditation, education, experiential education, sociology, marketing, research, social media, and hands-on, ongoing experience with teens and emerging adults.
  4. Difficult Questions. I will ask difficult questions.  My goal is to help you and if, in order to do that, I need to bring up the challenging topic(s), I will.
  5. Care for Teens and Young People.  I care about teens and young people.  My work is not just about creativity, education and strategy.  It is also about a holistic, thoughtful approach to working with teens and other young people.
  6. Non-Dogmatic.  I believe each of us is on a journey, whether sure of direction or still looking.
  7. No strings attached.  Meet with me. No cost. I will work with you from the moment we start meeting.  If you’d like to continue working with me, we’ll work it out.

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