Spirituality, Mysticism and Meditation

My very not-comprehensive list of resources for Spirituality, Mysticism and Meditation. I will continue to build the list of resources.  Let me know if you have ideas.

A. Jewish Mysticism – Books and Print Resources

Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

List of Publications on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Lawrence-Kushner/e/B000APEZII

Consider starting with one of these: Honey from the Rock, Eyes Remade for Wonder: A Lawrence Kushner Reader or God Was in This Place and I, I Did Not Know.

Rabbi David A. Cooper

God Is a Verb: Kabbalah and the Practice of Mystical Judaism

Alan Morinis

Everyday Holiness

Rabbi Jaime Korngold

The God Upgrade – I’m reading it now. I like it.  I also like Rabbi Korngold.

You can also find Rabbi Korngold at www.adventurerabbi.com

B. Mussar – General Resources

Alan Morinis, Everyday Holiness

C. Programs and Online Resources to Learn More

Institute for Jewish Spirituality – Incredible programs, resources, and curriculum for Clergy, educators and interested Jews.  I took part in one of  the IJS cohorts a number of years ago and the experience was deep, meaningful, educational, and impactful in my life and the way I work with youth and adults related to spirituality and spiritual practice.  Along with IJS offerings, check out the page of links to related organizations.

The Awakened Heart Project for Contemplative Judaismwww.awkenedheartproject.org.  The resources and tools to enhance your understanding and experience of Jewish meditation and prayer (from the webiste) offered on the website alone, from podcasts to retreats, blogs to books, seem useful, rich and worthwhile.  There is contact information at the bottom of the home page if you are interested in additional support or direction.

The Mussar Institute – http://www.mussarinstitute.org/ – I do not yet have personal experience with Mussar Institute Programs, but have heard very positive comments recently.

More Coming Soon.

I will have additional Spirituality, Mysticism and Meditation resources posted weekly through August, including resources specifically for educators.  If you’d like me to send you an update when resources are posted, please sign up for the email newsletter or drop me a line.

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