Coaching – Executive and Personal

Bridging the Impossibles in Life

  • Spirituality in the secular world – Remaining whole in any setting
  • Inspiring direction in the midst of chaos
  • Weaving generations – Crossing the generational divide
  1. Spirituality in the Secular World – Remaining Whole In Any Setting: Connect with your innermost self- with the wonder of the universe – in a cubicle, a corner office, while serving customers online, on the phone, or in a store. It’s possible to remain you, to be professional and to be successful. I help bridge that gap for groups, for organizations, and for individuals. When you feel, act, and think in a manner that is whole and aligned, you become a stronger leader, family member, friend and team member.
  1. Inspiring direction in the midst of chaos. Inspiring direction when you’re all over the place: I know how frustrating it can be to feel all over the place with thoughts, work, or relationships. I also know the power of thinking in many directions, of having many interests, and of seeing the patterns of the world. I’ve developed strategies to live in the chaos, to make sense of the many streams of thought, and to find space and clear direction. I support organizations and individuals to find their strategies, to tap into their power, to find their way.
  1. Weaving Generations – Crossing The Generational Divide: My life and work have been a constant weaving together of different generations. I remain very much myself, while shifting focus, language and attention based on the needs of my audience, client, family member or co-worker. I weave inter-generational stories, seeing people for who they are, not solely for the generation they fall into. I help Boomers, and Gen X and Millenials work together, share wisdom, and create stronger, more integrated, work and life spaces.

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