Three More Really Good Experiential Education Ideas

Yep…  Three more:

1) Experience + Learner = Experiential Learning.  Without an educator who can provide focused reflection, the learner can learn, but the experience will rarely truly be experiential education.  Therefore…

2) Experience + Learner + Educator = Experiential Education.   The Educator is an essential component of experiential education.  The educator helps focus reflection, provides different lenses through which to understand an experience, and serves as a coach in the educational process.  Even elite athletes have coaches who continually help them focus intentionally on each experience. And, therefore…

3) Educators need training in how to serve as coaches in our educational settings.  They need the tools to make the choice between lecture, mentoring and coaching.  Experiential education coaching is teachable and with a few tools…  transformative.

Consider checking out:

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