An Invitation to Read and Discuss “A Faith of Their Own”

Interested in learning more about adolescent faith development in the USA?  This new book from the National Study of Youth and Religion, promises to provide a insight based on a three year study following teenagers to investigate development of faith over time.

I’m planning to read A Faith of Their Own: Stability and Change in the Religiosity of America’s Adolescents and would love to find time in-person or via Skype to talk, process and consider the book with an amazing group of people…  youth professionals, Jewish professionals, teens, college students, clergy, educators, parents and so on.  I’d even find time to have a variety of conversations.

Want to join me in conversation?

I hope to have a sign-up form soon for a series of conversations.  In the meantime, contact me here.  Make sure to include your name, why you’d like to get involved, best time of day for you to join a conversation, and your best contact information.  *Please, note that if you are under 13 years old you must participate with a parent and have parental permission to contact me.


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