The Most Important Idea Related to Youth Work in Ten Years

Growth Mindset (as opposed to fixed mindset) is a simple, but world changing idea for anyone involved with youthwork.  The reality is that it’s no less applicable to the world of sports, business, family, relationships, love, religion, or counseling.  The core ideas are: 1) Individuals with a growth mindset believe that anyone can change – intelligence, athletic ability, success with relationships, etc.  They believe that we are not forever stuck with the skills we currently have.  Individuals with a fixed mindset believe that we either have talent, intelligence, and skill or we don’t.  It’s not changeable.  2) Individuals of any age who have or develop a growth mindset are happier, more successful, better able to cope with upset, and are better able to learn from mistakes or failure. 3) Growth Mindset is teachable/learnable.

WOW!  The book Mindset by Carol Dweck thoughtfully and entertainingly explains these core ideas, explains how mindset operates in a wide range of arenas, AND explains in detail, including specific examples and language, how we can begin to use this tool in our lives, our classrooms, our youth groups, our camps, our families, and our relationships.

Please, check it out.

I will have a study guide with Jewish Texts posted by the end of August.  Check back or sign up for my email newsletter for more information.

To learn More at the Mindset website click here.

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